Welcome to your 1st std grammar worksheet 2

1. Click the common nouns.

Senthil is thinking of going to a park.

2. Click the proper noun.

Hema, Govind and Divya are chums.

3. Click the main verb.

Few apples are kept in the bowl.

4. Identify the tense and type the correct verb.

His mother (arrives, arrived) today.

5. Type the correct pronoun.

The pen cap is blue in colour. (It, He, She, They) has a big crack.

6. Arrange the words in alphabetical order. (Leave single space between each word)

beat  weep  shut  take

7. Type the auxiliary verbs and singular or plural noun.

a. Ramu sees a few (bit, bits) of paper on the floor.....

.....He picks the bits and puts them in a (bin, bins).....

.....The bin (is, are) in the room.

8. Type the present tense of the irregular verb.

a. drank

b. sank

9. See the picture and type the appropriate demonstrative pronoun.

(This, That, These, Those) is a tap.

10. See the picture and type the appropriate preposition.

The tape is  (on, between, near, in front of, behind ) the pad.

11. Visit https://photographicdictionary.com/ type "cormorant" and find out which picture is cormorant.

a. b.