Welcome to your 1st std grammar worksheet 10

1. Click the common noun.

Ramya is selling fruits and potatoes.

2. Click the proper noun.

Mala shows a snap to Radha.

3. Click the verb.

Anu clapped her hands.

4. Identify the tense and choose the verb.

Ravi (sits, sat) on the chair in front of the TV. He watches Cartoon Network.

5. Choose the pronoun.

Banu draws a neat bear. (He, She, It, They) got first prize.

6. Arrange the words in alphabetical order. (Leave single space between each word)

take  bleed  run  grow 

7. Choose the auxiliary verbs and singular or plural noun.

a. The watchman (is, are, was, were) standing near the gate.....

.....He is having a (stick,sticks) in his hand.

8. Type the past tense of the irregular verb.

a. blow 

b. hide

9. See the picture and fill in the appropriate demonstrative pronoun.

(This, That, These, Those) is a gate.

10. See the picture and fill in the appropriate preposition.

The mat is (on, between, near, in front of, behind ) the pin.

11. Visit https://photographicdictionary.com/ type "brass" and find out which picture is brass.

a. b.