best kindergarten in Salem


Life in LKG is a delightful brew of intellectual, emotional, social, gross and fine motor skills, glazed with a lifelong love for learning. Meticulous planning, innovative teaching and well-trained, compassionate, patient and motivated teachers give children their best start to their learning journey.


Best Kindergarten in Salem

Concept learning, multi-sensorial worksheets, online homework e-sheets and signature teaching techniques are deployed to teach children English, math, fun-filled science experiments, Tamil, shlokas and rhymes. These make children prolific learners with just a fraction of the effort put in by their peers, while keeping the learning process burden-free and parent-independent. Equal dollops of play during school time make life in kindergarten fun-filled and productive!

Techniques & Technology

Concept Learning

Teaching underlying concepts help children instinctively grasp and retain skills in English and math, providing a firm foundation for higher learning.

Signature Teaching Techniques

Non-sequential, derived writing, Hybrid Phonics, Ladder Reading, 5-fold Path for Math FUNdas & Zippy Science make learning a breeze. They have been designed by Vidhya Peetham and are unique to it.


Hundreds of multi-sensorial worksheets are used in the classroom to impart writing, spelling & reading skills in English, writing & numeracy skills in math and critical thinking skills.

Online E-sheets

Hundreds of time-bound, automatically corrected homework e-sheets are posted on the school’s e-learning website daily. They insulate children’s learning from their parents’ educational background.

best kindergarten in salem
lkg math


Instilling a lifelong love for numbers

5-fold Path for Math FUNdas provides the scaffolding for math. Concept learning, thoughtfully designed teaching techniques, carefully crafted worksheets and repeated practice through online e-sheets help children recite, identify, write and count objects till 40.


English with a Zing!

Hybrid Phonics

Children spell nearly 106 words in just 3 months by using phonic sounds with effortless ease and minimum support from parents. They never forget these spellings as Hybrid Phonics is based on concept learning.

Ladder Reading

Ladder Reading is a 3-year program that commences in L.K.G. In levels 1 & 2 children are introduced to reading in a carefully calibrated manner and leads children from the known to the unknown.

Non-Sequential Derived Writing

Lowercase English alphabets are written in a non-sequential manner starting with alphabets with simple strokes, followed by those with anti-clockwise and clockwise strokes.


Kindergarteners do dozens of hands on activities through the year. These activities kindle their creativity and curiosity, increase their attention span and bring to life concepts like colours, shapes, sizes, alphabets, numbers, etc. building a lifelong love for learning!

Web Workshops

Through web workshops Vidhya Peehtam communicates with parents some of its teaching techniques which are unique to it. Apart from keeping parents in sync with the school this helps improve children’s academic performance, social skills, emotional well-being and work habits.

March 7, 2022

Term 1 School Fee

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June 7, 2022

Term 1 Worksheets & E-learning Fee

1st term worksheets and online e-sheets fee. Terms and Conditions.

August 7, 2022

Term 2 School Fee

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October 7, 2022

Term 2 Worksheets & E-learning Fee

2nd term worksheets and online e-sheets fee. Terms and Conditions.