Fee Payment Demo

1. When you click the “Pay Now” button above you will be taken to this site. 

2. In “Email Address” please enter the email id you have given to the school. (The e-mail id you have given for Zoom class)

3. In “Password” use your child’s online log in password given by the school’s office.

4. After logging in, click the “Invoices” button on the left. You can view the invoice details by clicking “Invoice #”. Choose the invoice for which date is due and click the green “Pay Now” button to make payment.

5. You have various options to pay. You will be charged 1.2% of the fee for credit card and 1% of the fee for debit card payments, between Rs.15 to Rs.20 if you choose netbanking (If you have problems with netbanking, you must contact your bank branch) and between Rs.7 to Rs.10 if you choose UPI. So, netbanking is the most economical option. For cash and NEFT/RTGS payments, you must take a print out of the invoice and go to the bank. School does not accept cheque payments.