2nd std

Monster Reader

50 e-books, the equivalent of 2 to 3 English textbooks, are done. Each e-book is followed by comprehension e-sheets. An actual e-book and comprehension question e-sheet is shown here.

Children do not have to memorize these e-books. The focus of this activity is on fluent reading and comprehension skills. They are encouraged to refer to the book, just as in competitive English exams like TOEFL when they do the comprehension exercises. Children are not tutored beforehand with these questions. They get to see the questions only when they answer the e-sheets!

The actual e-sheets done by children are a lot more sophisticated in their layout and are hosted on the school’s classwork and homework e-learning portals.

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Welcome to your 2nd std monster reader

An _____ should be able to jump from high places and swing from ropes. (Page 1 – 2)

Abby was a hopeless painter as she could _____ only one type of fruit. (Page 2 – 3)

Abirami’s favourite pet is the animal that says meow. (Page 2 – 3)

Which of the following people are likely to have a stethoscope around their neck?

If you wish to learn about stars and planets what should you become?

Why does not the alligator want to become an astronaut? (Page 4 – 5)

A good actor must act well and _____. (Page 5 – 6)

Where did Abirami get the idea of becoming an author? (Page 5 – 6)

What makes Abby rich and famous? (Page 6 – 7)