Grade 2

A peep into awesome curriculum, teaching techniques and online e-sheets of this CBSE school in Salem with an international flavour


In Zinglish, children read & comprehend 50 e-books in Monster Reader (that’s the equivalent of 4 regular textbooks!), brush up the 1st grade grammar and learn 9 more new skills taking their total grammar repository to 19 skills, and spell nearly 1150 words. Through Mathemagic, they learn challenging multiplication, interpret bar graphs, decipher Venn Diagrams, understand fractions, learn some more geometry and of course do basic math. Science lessons, each enlivened by several related activities are done through the Zippy Science program. All these using concept learning and blending signature teaching techniques with technology like online e-sheets without parental help and tuitions! Tamil & Hindi pan out as per the government textbooks.

The Awesome

Zinglish Program

English learning in India has degenerated into an exercise in memorizing rather than teaching children to communicate and read to understand. Hapless children read insipid lessons, needlessly memorizing and reproducing the exercises at the end of each lesson – thus producing children who can neither speak nor write in English, in spite of learning the language for nearly 14 years! Zinglish is English with a zing and has imparted English fluency to all children irrespective of their family background!

Grammar Slammer

As this grammar program relies on concept learning, children never forget the grammar they learn in previous grades. After brushing up 1st std grammar, children learn 9 new skills with adjectives, subject & predicate, possessive pronouns being among them. Learning is supported by 300 online e-sheets comprising of a whopping 5000 unique exercises, done without parental help or tuitions!

Monster Reader

It is important that children develop a lifelong love for reading at a young age to improve their English fluency, vocabulary and to enrich their work and life. In 2nd grade Monster Reader sows the seeds for that through 50 colorful e-books embedded with audio to assist children in pronunciation. Each e-book is followed by comprehension e-sheets that test children’s understanding and inference skills.

Multimedia Comprehension

Hundreds of cartoon snippets are used to promote listening skills of children and questions are asked from them. They learn to decipher foreign accents and pick up some style of their own, strengthening their already formidable reading skills in the process.

Hybrid Phonics Spelling

This phonics spelling technique helps children revise the 775 words they have learnt till 1st grade. From 2nd grade onwards children start spelling multi-syllable words also. With the new words they learn, the vocabulary base of the 2nd graders increases to about 1175 words!

Jiffy Comprehension

Yet another feature unique to Vidhya Peetham, 2nd graders do hundreds of comprehension sheets that children read and answer on the spot. This activity that starts in 1st grade, hones students’ “reading for understanding” skills, and sharpens their ability to understand science, grammar, social studies and even math!


Children extend their number knowledge from 1500 in U.K.G. to 7000 in 2nd grade. Math is taught by profoundly designed math techniques that ensure that children have a firm grip over math concepts. Mathemagic has banished the ghost from numbers and children in Vidhya Peetham handle math without fear, parental support and tuition. The school’s 325 online e-sheets play a pivotal role in children’s learning.

Spectrum of Math Skills

Over 36 challenging math skills that kindle reasoning and critical thinking.


Multiplication of whole numbers in various combinations is done in addition to the carry-over addition and borrowing subtraction learnt in 1st grade.


Children learn about what is a fraction, about quarters, thirds and halves, about bigger & smaller fractions and to write fractions for a given picture.

Venn Diagram & Bar Graph

Interpreting Venn Diagrams, Bar Graphs and Grids and answering stimulating questions about them.


After revising the 2D & 3D shapes learnt in 1st grade, children learn about vertices, flip, turn & slide, open & closed shapes and more.

Miscellaneous Math

Nearly 10 different type of the dreaded statement problems based on fractions, time, graph etc., calendar & time, more Roman numbers etc are learnt

The Amazing

Grade 2 Curriculum

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March 7, 2021

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Term 1 Worksheets & E-learning Fee

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September 7, 2021

Term 2 Worksheets & E-learning Fee

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