2nd std Grammar

325 online e-sheets, 5000 unique exercises impart 19 grammar skills. Throughout 2nd grade children do two grammar e-sheets like this daily, as classwork and homework.  Generally, in most places, the same sentences repeat encouraging children to memorize grammar! At Vidhya Peetham, as each grammar exercise is unique grasp of underlying concepts is a must to do these challenging sheets.

You can try this sample e-sheet whose total score is 63. After you complete the sheet, click submit to check your score and the right answers.

The actual e-sheets done by children are a lot more sophisticated and are hosted on the school’s classwork and homework e-learning portals.

Welcome to your Grade 2 Grammar

1. Choose the appropriate possessive pronoun.

Jeeva and his sister bought a rose plant for (his, her, its, their, your, our, my) garden.

Siva planted a beautiful rose plant in (his, her, its, their, your, our, my) front yard.

I would like to see (his, her, its, their, your, our, my) new mobile if you can show it.

Rohini is trying to recall where she kept (his, her, its, their, your, our, my) car keys.

You must remember to clean (his, her, its, their, your, our, my) nails every week.

He cleared (his, her, its, their, your, our, my) throat and began to speak.

2. Click the adjectives.

The four birds flew away across the blue sky.

We saw a huge elephant spraying water with its long trunk.

She carried a purple handbag to the office.

Palani loaded fresh carrots in the small truck to the market.

3. Choose the appropriate personal pronoun.

My dad and I like to walk in the winter. (He, She, It, They, I, We, You) walk in the morning....

..... (He, She, It, They, I, We, You) both find fresh air to breathe in.....

.....A few water drops are on the grass. (He, She, It, They, I, We, You) shine in the morning sun....

..... (He, She, It, They, I, We, You) disappear......

.....I like this season and (he, she, it, they, I, we, you) enjoy walking.

4. Rewrite the sentence with proper capitalisation. (Remember to keep the full stop)

we will go to mumbai by Train.

i watched birds Chirp on a Sunday morning.

geetha is Going to Singapore in April.

5. Write the subject and predicate.

a. Latha and her brother painted their room green.



b. He took the cows to the barn.

Subject .....


c. My friends and I arranged the chairs.

Subject ......

..... Predicate

6. Question Tags.

(What, Who, Which, When) is the best singer in your class?

(When, What, Who, Which) does she start doing her homework?

(When, What, Who, Which, How) are you going to do this Sunday?

(When, What, Who, Where, Which) is the running race being held?

7. Vocabulary Buster -Has the word in bold been used correctly in the sentence?

I learnt a lot about puppets last weekend.

The bomb celebrated two days ago in Mumbai.

8. Vocabulary Buster 2 - Choose the appropriate word for the blank.

Roshan was taught to _________ his elders.

Meena stood as still as a _________ when she saw a snake

9. Read the sentence and choose the correct homophone.

It was hard to say goodbye to such (deer, dear) friends.

She decorated the house with lamps (here, hear) and there.

I always (right, write) with my left hand.

10. Choose the appropriate auxiliary verb.

The match (has, had, have) started just now.

I cannot come as I (has, had, have) a sore throat and fever.

11.How many syllables are there in the word "pillow"? (Type answer as a number)

How many syllables are there in the word "remember"?

How many syllables are there in the word "lamp"?

How many syllables are there in the word "slipper"?

12. Fill the blanks with the appropriate personal pronoun.

I just bought a pair of new shoes at the shop. (He, She, It, They, I, We, You) saw my friend having the same kind.

Praveen and his friend always wear their helmets when (he, she, it, they, I, we, you) go out in the bike.

I cannot come out with you . (He, She, It, They, I, We, You) have to go to the temple now.

13. Click the common nouns.

A woodpecker pecked the tree to make its nest.

The black cat sleeps in the bed.

14. Click the verbs.

Subha taught me how to write cursive letters.

I waited in the queue for a long time.

15. Click the proper nouns.

Kavitha and her friends visited the zoo last January.

Arun is planning for a trip to Himachal Pradesh in May.

16. Write the plural noun.




17. Write the opposite.

exit x

wet x

18. Write the past tense.




19.Choose the appropriate auxiliary verb with singular or plural noun.

a. Karthi and I (is, are, was, were) interested in watching huge elephants last year....

..... We took many (photos, photo) with them.

b. Yesterday Indu and her mom (is, are, was, were) buying.....

.....a new (backpack, backpacks) for her trekking at Ooty.