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Visual Recall

It is sad that corona and lockdown have stressed out children as well. We conduct games online at regular intervals of time in an attempt to bust stress. We hosted the ‘visual challenge’ game for 6th graders. The game lived up to its name, it was challenging, nevertheless, the kids aced the challenge!!!

This game had 4 levels and was played as a team. For level 1, an image was displayed for a few seconds, after which, a question based on the image was posed. For level 2, an image was displayed for a few seconds, followed by a question based on the image. It differed from level 1 in terms of its complexity. For level 3, a word was camouflaged in the image, they had to find out the word. For level 4, they had to choose from among the options to fill the missing pattern.

With interesting activities and engaging games like these, it is no surprise that children look forward to our online classes and makes Vidhya Peetham the better cbse school in Salem!!

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