3rd grade science experiment

The 3rd grade children had learnt that water and nutrients absorbed from the soil are transported through xylem through the plant. To put their knowledge to test, an experiment was done by them to observe this process in leaves.

Transportation in Leaves – how they experimented…

The collected leaves of plants like cabbage carefully ensuring that they detached them from the plant with their leaf’s stalk intact. This was to ensure that the leaf could absorb the water.

Then, they took a glass of water and added few drops of food colour to it. The leaf was placed in water such that the stalk was in water. Then the waiting began and after a few hours they became excited when they saw the colour of the leaf change slightly.

The leaves were left undisturbed overnight and by the next morning almost the entire leaf had changed colour.

Children enjoyed this hands-on, “covid 2nd wave lockdown” science experiment!

transportation in leaves