Titbits About This Day

Wikipedia tells that WED is being celebrated on the 5th of June since the year 1974 by the United Nations to raise global awareness about the plethora of environmental crises confronting mankind.

Since the last decade of so a different ecological theme is focussed upon every year and different countries get to host it.

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W.E.D. at School

Since the school reopened on the 7th of June, WED celebrations and activities were three days after WED. Children from LKG to 10th grade took part. The tiniest tots of the school, kindergarten and 1st graders, took part with gusto though they were clueless about the nitty-gritty of the day.

What the Kids Did…

They prepared the soil, dug small pits, planted seeds or tiny plants, and watered them – some in their farms, some in their backyards and few in pots. Cute sketches were drawn by few 1st graders. All of them obviously had a lot of fun marking World Environment Day!!

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