The online classes also gave parents a ringside view of the school’s concept learning and signature teaching techniques! Watch this space for an encore this year too!

Online Zoom Classes for 2021 to 22 – All Geared Up!

Jun 4, 2021 | General

This year’s online Zoom classes for LKG to 8th grade will start on the June 7th. Classes for 9th & 10th have commenced already. This year’s sessions will be as interactive, stimulating and enriching as last year’s sessions were.

Children learnt all the English & math they would have in any regular year. This was mixed with a healthy dose of science mixed with some exposure to language and social studies.¬†Academic sessions were followed by the online e-worksheets in Vidhya Peetham’s e-learning portal.

Quite ofter the online classes wore a festive look, with the children celebrating almost the festivals by donning the relevant attire for the occasion, singing and speeches.