The Importance of Reading Habit in Young Generation

The Importance of Reading Habit in Young Generation

They say it for a reason that books are your best friends. While growing up the best habit you can inculcate is reading because you become what you read. The books that you read play a very important role in your up-bringing as they are your guide for the journey of life. Here are a few personality attributes which are highly influenced by regular reading habit.

Improves Communication

Books are the best way to get acquainted with extra-ordinary words in the English language. Reading books will help you learn new words and demonstrate different ways in which you can use them in your daily expression. This will ultimately improve your personal vocabulary. Also to understand the grammar of any language, reading stories and articles of that particular language will increase your depth of understanding about it.

Better Ability to Comprehend

Kids who develop the habit of reading at an early age are good at comprehending situations and develop a better sense of understanding than those who do not read. They are capable of understanding serious situations and analyze the cause and effect scenario maturely. To develop reading abilities early on, try reading aloud and take baby steps towards improvement. Don’t be too hard on yourself, take pleasure in reading.

Imparts Knowledge

There is no denying in the fact that reading imparts knowledge in a person. Gaining knowledge makes you feel confident about the subject and invokes your interest deeper into the topics. For cognitive development, school curriculums also include various interesting topics so that students are keen about the subject from young age.

Aids Sleeping

Reading before bedtime helps fight insomnia better than indulgence in the electronic devices which works totally opposite. Books aid your sleep naturally and involve your brain into knowledgeable things before sleeping. Psychologically it is recommended that people should think about healthy thoughts before going to bed. A good book read before bed time can work wonders for the peace of mind.

Escape From Real World

Books give a person the unstoppable freedom to explore the world of fiction. The writers as well as the readers are free to take up topics of their choice and throw open the gates of the fictitious world in their mind. Some works of fiction roll over books after books but never lose the grip of the readers on the series. It is because creative minds are powerhouses of exciting amusements and we can only agree more if we had read some of those amazing creations.

Builds Personality

This point demonstrates the phrase ‘you become what you read’ perfectly. A good book can unfold you into a better person. It can enhance your emotional development, social involvement, cultural awareness and industrial intelligence. Books are the means by which you discover your own hidden self and with the help of the very same tool you can evaluate your personal development from time to time.

Savior in Boredom

When the long days of summer become difficult to pass by, even with all that the social sites have to offer, books work like magic. You only need to be patient at the beginning. The rest will just be a time travel in a far space on another land! Long journeys or boring waiting rooms can turn into wonderful fairy lands or a serious crime scene with turning pages. Depends on where your book is heading, right?

Peaceful Treat for Mind

During the stressful days of busy schedules it becomes very difficult to keep yourself in sanity forget about peace. However reading a small chapter from an encouraging book or an interesting story soothes your mind and helps you calm down. So the next time you are stressed, just sit with a hot cup of coffee and a nice decent book. The rest will work as a therapy.

Readers are Leaders

It is general observation that all great leaders are regular reader. Reading keeps a person updated about the current affairs. More importantly, you learn from the experiences of other people and as a result, you multiply your expertise on the subject at hand. Reading is also the best way to spend time with smart people from present or past. A person who possesses all these skills only through reading will encourage others to do the same and gradually leave a reflection of his own on the crowd.

To conclude, reading is the most effective investment that you make in yourself as it helps you grow into an inspiring, creative and intelligent person. So always keep reading irrespective of any resistive habits that keep you away from books because the person who doesn’t read when he can is no different from the person who can’t read at all…

– Namita Patil