1st std Monster Reader



Comprehension Exercises



Children do not have to memorize anything from these e-books. Remember, the focus is on fluent reading and lucid comprehension skills. Children have to keep the book open and refer to it, in the same format as college level exams, TOEFL etc., are held when they do the comprehension exercises.

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Children see these questions on the spot, only when they open the e-sheet. They are not tutored beforehand. They must possess fluent reading and understanding skills to answer the questions. The page range in which the answers can be found is given next to each question.

Welcome to your Grade 1 Monster Reader

Who planted the turnip seed in the garden? (Page 1 - 3)

What did the old woman make with the turnip? (Page 10 - 11)

When the three people failed to pull the turnip out, who was called for help? (Page 5 - 8)

Who was standing between the old man and the boy when the turnip was pulled? (Page 6 - 7)

What was the boy doing, when he was called for help? (Page 4 - 6)

The word enormous means __________.

The old man wanted to have the turnip along with  __________. (Page 1 - 2)

The old woman was __________ when the old man called her for help. (Page 3 - 4)

The dog that helped pull the turnip out of the soil was the __________ pet. (Page 5 - 8)

The old man and the woman were able to pull the turnip from the soil.

The old woman used the full turnip for making the soup. (Page 11 - 12)