1st std CBSE Worksheets

Click the menu below to choose from the 25 online worksheets and brush up grammar skills. Click the submit button after completing the worksheet. The e-worksheet is automatically corrected and the right and wrong answers are displayed. These worksheets can be done by children from 1st to 3rd according to their competency.


Online Grammar E-sheets

The 1st std children of Vidhya Peetham do these grammar e-sheets twice a day, once at school and the other as homework. Grammar is taught through concept learning. Most of the grammar sentences are not repeated and hence there is no room for memorizing grammar without understanding. 1st graders are equipped with excellent reading skills to navigate through these grammar sheets independently without need for tuitions and parents being passive observers.

Online E-sheets

Grammar Exercises

Grammar Skills

Grammar Skills Practised

  • Proper noun
  • Common noun
  • Verb
  • Personal pronoun – he, she, it, they
  • Auxiliary verbs – is, are, was, were
  • Demonstrative pronoun – this, that, these, those
  • Singular, plural nouns
  • Irregular verb
  • Arrange words in alphabetical order
  • Mix of auxiliary verbs and singular, plural nouns in sentences